How Far In Advance Should You Plan A Move?


If you are moving your house, you don't just wake up one day and start packing. Ideally, you need to plan the best day for your move, choose how you will move, and determine how many helpers you need, among other things. This is called planning a move, and it may take a long or short time depending on your specific circumstances. Here are some of the questions whose answers will determine how far in advance you should plan your move.

4 August 2018

Tips For Moving Vintage Toy Collections


When the time comes to move your vintage toy collection to a new home, there's quite a bit of planning and work to do. If you fail to prepare and pack the collection properly, you risk damage to the things that you've worked so hard to collect. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you get your collection from point A to point B safely. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

13 March 2018

Dangers Of Using A Moving Broker Instead Of A Moving Company


When moving your household items from one house to another, you have the option of using a moving broker or dealing with a moving company directly. Just like brokers in other industries, a moving broker will go to great lengths to convince you to use their business, but you shouldn't forget these four potential complications of using their services: You Don't Know the Integrity of the Moving Company to Handle Your Goods

10 October 2017

Packing Materials You Can Find Around Your House


When it comes to preparing for a big move, one thing you can never have enough of is packing materials. It's a good idea to buy new moving boxes to ensure they are sturdy enough to keep your items safe and secure, but you don't always have to buy new packing materials. Use this guide to help you find packing materials that are already in your home, and cut down on the costs of moving by reusing these items.

13 June 2017

Thoughtful Things To Leave Behind During A Residential Move


When you're packing up to move out of your home, the general school of thought is that you shouldn't leave anything behind. And, while it's certainly important to make sure that all your family's possessions are gone and the house has been thoroughly cleaned by the time the new owners are ready to move in, there are some things that you might wish to leave behind. Doing so can extend a warm welcome to the new owners of your house as well as make their life a little easier on moving day.

9 March 2017

Tips For A Rainy Day Move


Unfortunately you can't usually choose the weather when it comes to your moving day, so you may end up stuck with rain. While most of your items will be safely tucked in boxes and therefore kept dry during the move, upholstered furniture can pose a challenge. Even a small amount of moisture soaking into a sofa or mattress can lead to stains or mildewing. The following tips can help you avoid this so your move goes smoothly.

8 March 2017

What You Need To Evict Someone From Your Rental Property


If you have a tenant that is habitually late with paying rent, then you can evict the person from your property. You must legally terminate tenancy before starting the eviction process. This means sending your tenant a written notice. You have to follow a series of steps before evicting a tenant. Read on to find out what you need to remove someone from your property. Give Formal Notice Of Eviction

7 March 2017